5 summertime tips to book meetings

June 30, 2017

You can probably tell by the sweltering temperatures that summertime is officially upon us. While you can make a case that sales and more specifically, getting meetings is never easy, the summer months often offer even greater challenges. Your prospects are out of the office, if not physically you could argue they are out mentally. (I mean that in a good way) Getting someone to conduct business when they have a greater desire to be on a beach is a tough sell. There is hope and I have a few tips that might just help you be a little more productive during the summer months. 






1) Improve your focus


Jim Rohn once famously said, "Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better. Whenever I think about tasks or events that are challenging, I refer to this quote as a reminder that my success begins with me. How I think, prepare and approach my day matters more that external factors the time of the year. So key number one, be focused, in fact pay more attention to your metrics. Understand that you may need to increase your activity level to maintain the needed contact and conversion ratio. Simply put, control what is in your power. 


2) Change your routine


It is also important to understand that the summer presents some unique challenges. It is only human to want to be outside when it's nice or take advantage of the longer daylight hours. Switch up your routine, the time you come into the office, my suggestion is to start 30 minutes to an hour earlier than you normally do. Then you can also leave earlier and get out and enjoy. Work should have some flexibility and changing up just a little can help get a jump on the day and maintain the focus through the end. The bonus is that you also feel like you get to enjoy the summer months a little more yourself.




3) Re-Kindle some old opportunities


Sometimes slower months can be an ideal time to revisit some cold deals. Maybe that lead that was too busy at the end of Q1 is open now to meet. For many businesses, summer can represent some mid-year planning to assure they are tracking to meet yearly goals. As they shift and begin to refocus, you may have an easier time getting a meeting scheduled. So, dust off the CRM, get into those old deals and find that jewel that might just help you close your year with a bang. 




4) Be Creative


The summer months are a perfect time to switch from the normal, email-call-email routine, and mix in some different forms of outreach. Send some creative post cards or for higher quality targets, think about vacation themed gifts. These should be low cost, easy to pull off ideas that can garner a little more attention and land that much desired meeting. 


5) Get Better


While there certainly are things you can do to keep your calendar filled during the summer months, don't waste the opportunity to improve your sales skills. Schedule training, spend time reading or find some conferences, webinars or really good podcasts that will help you become better at selling. Continuous improvement should be a constant goal, if you use the summer wisely, you will be better positioned to provide value to your prospects for years to come. So, there you have it, a few tips to get your through the "dog days". Enjoy your Summer! 



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