5 Easy cold email fixes

July 11, 2017


Many reps, even the most seasoned sales professionals struggle with sending cold emails. There is an acceptance by most that open rates, clicks and response rates will be low, so the remedy is to simply just send more. No one ever stops and asks, does doing more of a bad thing suddenly make it good? I can answer that but I think you already know the answer. I recently had a conversation with a client and I noted 5 easy fixes that can increase open, click and response rates. I decided it might help some others so I am sharing in this post. 


Put the focus on the prospect


 While the idea of focusing on the prospect has been around for years now, I can't tell you how many emails continue to revert back to self-serving value propositions. The "we provide x service for x type of companies" just doesn't work anymore.  And one more thing, name dropping other clients you are working with does not make the email more relevant. If you haven't heard this before, let me be the one to tell you that your prospect simply doesn't care. Product or service focused "elevator pitches" have gone the way of the betamax, so wasting time trying to give all of the features and benefits you provide will be tuned out. Changing from an "us" to "them" focus is a key first step towards email relevancy. 


Subject Line


Common best practices point to optimal subject lines being between 20 and 40 characters. If you go longer, you run the risk of having the subject line cut off and that is a bad start. We also know that the attention span of people today especially given the amount of noise is very short. Succinct subjects that quickly tell the reader why they should pay attention to your email is the first step in gaining their attention. 


Personalize each email


This has been a topic du jour lately in many other blogs, books, podcasts, etc. Emails that are blasted out in a cookie-cutter fashion with no real direct relevance to each person is a mistake. It hurts your credibility and ultimately your brand. If that isn't bad enough, it can begin to have a long term adverse affect on your ability to avoid being blocked by spam filters. I will focus a later post solely on avoiding getting caught in the spam trap, but here is a tip, don't purchase lists, load them up in your email automation tool and hit send. So, write to the person, be relevant to what they need individually.  


Optimize for mobile


This is another one of those things that should be obvious. More and more email  is being consumed on mobile devices. That trend is only going to go upward. So if you are writing emails without viewing on a mobile device and checking for the look and feel of your email, you are going to have a greater number of folks who simply delete the email. 


Strong call to action


Last but certainly not least, every email must contain a strong, clear, easy to execute call to action. This is another one of those topics that really deserves more than a paragraph but suffice it to say that whatever it is that you want your target to do is clearly communicated and understood. 


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