For many small to medium-sized businesses, growth is often determined by the quality and caliber of the human resources they can acquire. For many, the sheer expense that comes with gaining the experience and expertise can put them at a disadvantage. When it comes to revenue growth, which is often necessary for survival, top-notch sales resources are vital. So before you can gain a process or adopt a methodology, you need people in your organization with the knowledge and ability to deliver both a plan and results.  It is for this reason that we have developed a service that will provide a Virtual VP of Sales and what we feel is even more crucial, a Virtual Sales Manager. 


Typically the process begins with an assessment of the current plan and processes. We then look for gaps in either the plan, process or tools. Next is implementation, performance benchmarks and iteration until the engine is delivering the necessary quality and volume of leads required to hit revenue growth targets. 

















Top of Funnel Process Diagram Example



If your company is not growing the way it should check your process. If you have a sound process and still aren’t growing, check adoption. If you know you need a process, or re-think your current process based on market changes, it might help to work with a team of trained professionals.  To schedule a free phone evaluation, click the button below. 



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